My professional background is diverse and varies within the industries of human resources staffing, financial budgeting, media production, marketing, and the restaurant industry. My approach comes from the place that every human being is inherently divine and knows the best course of action for themselves to take flight.

The clients that I work with live inspired lives because they are actually doing the things that they have always wanted to do; becoming intentional authors of their life stories. This is where miracles are created and experienced.

I will guide you towards touching your dreams by being your coach.  I have tools for how to get you there, because I have done it myself!

My personal interests include fitness, dancing, being a karaoke superstar, and making individuals grin and chuckle.

About an Inspired Story Coaching

I create bosses that people WANT to work for. An Inspired Story Coaching works with small businesses to organizational leaders. It all begun for me after creating The Oshun Project – a self-generated, non-profit program with a mission to bring green technology the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. Out of this work, over 10,000 people in Camp-Perrin, Haiti have access to portable water since 2014.

Over several years, I have gained expertise in leadership training and life coaching that has not only helped me to mold myself but also to ensure that my clients achieve their goals with an improved prospective through my training.

My work center around results since they are louder than words. Some of my customers' achievements include:

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