You and I together are going to sit down and identify your problems, your goals. and your core values first. The training will be structured to help you excel in your identified areas of life. Your problems are not problems they are only on answered questions, that are yet to be revealed to you, the answers to all your questions lie exactly inside you.


She helped me drop widely held beliefs and the way others do things and find my way. It makes the business end of my work feel comfortable and enjoyable, rather than like a necessary evil."

Jocelyn Whidden



  • Clarity

    Clearly identify what you want and develop action plans towards achievements.

  • Time

    Create time in your schedule for what is most important to you.

  • Communication

    Communicate with people what you want and need so that you are empowered.

  • Innovation

    Get out of your comfort zone in a supportive and effective way.

  • Confidence

    Manage oneself in such a way that you feel great about your life and a sense of contentment.

  • Growth

    Achieve personal and professional victories, small and large.


Life Coaching

The client/coaching relationship is a special one. The client provides the coach with the permission to guide them along matters which are most important to them. As a coach, my role is to empower my clients to best manage what they are currently dealing with in their lives. It is a practiced belief that the client, indeed, has all the answers. As the coach my responsibility is in asking questions which have clients in the inquiry frame of mind to produce the best course of action for their lives.

Safe Space To Talk About Race Facilitation

An Inspired Story Coaching created SAFE SPACE TO TALK ABOUT RACE in the first quarter of 2020. It is a facilitation of teams, organizations, and even individuals into a group to openly speak about race from each volunteers’ individual experience. There are guidelines and training on active listening, prior to sharing. When we can hear each other, as a team, organization, or even individuals is when we can begin healing, solving, and moving forward as an organization and individual within a society.

Team Building

Creating processes and procedures which cause groups of people to effectively communicate and work together, ultimately retaining employees and company talent.  Collaborating with professionals within various industries and modalities to deliver exercises and activities which are easily received by various audiences.

Performance Coaching & Strategic Planning

This is where the rubber hits the road within life coaching! this is the next level. Inside of the goals and the desired accomplishments that are generated and created from the client.  Together we will create strategies, structures, and direction toward accomplishing specific outcomes. Identifying goals and creating measurable steps towards implementing actions and resources for achievement of goals.

The coach facilitates structures and practices to develop and achieve these goals, and THEN holds the client to account for taking the action steps towards incremental achievement of the desired goals.

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