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"Akeisha has all the qualities of a great coach. Supportive, encouraging, and does the perfect amount of reflection to look at your self-destructive patterns. I really enjoyed her ability to clearly describe the coaching process, and structure our 90 minutes together, productively. Her communication style is impeccable and humble, which allowed me to trust her to hold space for ME and my goals. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to build strong relationships and connect with others authentically as a leader. I am an artistic director of a theatre company and entrepreneur. It is important to me to walk my walk of authenticity, lead others toward collective growth and support and amplify diverse artistic voices. Akeisha has been instrumental in helping me stay true to my goals."

EverStrong SF


"Akeisha is a really awesome coach. I’ll be honest, she helps me work on the hard stuff and the hard stuff is…well, hard. So, it is definitely work but the results are there for me. I’m not hiding from the dark spots, I’m taking action. Not only is my business doing great but my relationship is also. Seriously, I didn’t expect that. There’s still stuff to work on but that’s why I’m working with Akeisha today."

Commercial Architect


"Akeisha is a thoughtful, engaging, intentional coach. She did a very thorough job helping me reflect on and analyze my current thought patterns and habits. By the end of our 90 minute session, I was able to identify clearly what areas I need to continue working on to expand upon the best version of myself. Akeisha’s analysis of my core values was spot on. Through her excellent listening skills and engagement, she guided me to home in on these values and the meaning behind them. This allowed me to evaluate and expand upon my current behaviors and how they were tracking towards my vision. I would absolutely recommend Akeisha to anyone looking for an authentic, genuine, inspirational coach in business and/or leadership."

New Vintage Mortgage


"I did a coaching session with Akeisha of An Inspired Story Coaching. I have been struggling with the need to relinquish control and to hire an assistant. I am super busy these days and this has thrown off the balance in my life. Through a process of questions and active listening, Akeisha allowed me to find what I needed inside. I clarified my “Why”; assessed my needs, expectations, and fears; identified who I am looking for in an assistant; and created an action plan with next steps. I felt supported and allowed to share, enlighten, and choose my path. If you are struggling with your business or just feeling a little stuck, I recommend scheduling a session with Akeisha and continue your story."

Unisource Financial Group Cert


"Akeisha has been such a great mentor, coach, and friend to me. She is honest, thoughtful, encouraging! The inside out thinking that she teaches is so empowering. it’s inadequate to say that she’s a life and business coach who helps you navigate daily challenges, because she’s so much more. I recommend Akeisha no matter what kind of roadblock you are facing. Her wisdom is exceptional."

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"I recently worked with Akeisha Johnson and the coaching session could not have come at a better time. We talked just about a week ago, my mind and anxiety was racing from corona virus overload. Akeisha was so supportive and intuitive, she was able to home in very quickly on how to get me to a calmer and more centered place. What I appreciated is that Akeisha asked me what I wanted and what my goal was with the session, she tailored the time to my needs. Her demeanor and attitude were so warm and compassionate she is truly a gifted coach and a great person! I highly recommend Akeisha, especially during the stressful times we are all going through during Covid-19. Thank you Akeisha!"



"I like to think I’ve got all the answer and I don’t need advice or guidance. Well after my initial consultation with Akeisha I was reminded that I indeed can use outside help from time to time. Akeisha help me refocus on my business objectives and also helped me to understand how to use certain my aspects of my personality as an advantage."



"Akeisha is honest, compassionate, knowledgable and an effective communicator. Working with Akeisha has been a refreshing mix of fun and introspective. She helps you have what might otherwise be an uncomfortable conversation in a judgement free space. She’s accommodating and you don’t need to meet in person. You can work with her from the comfort of your home or wherever you’ve got a wifi connection – although I do recommend meeting her at least once in person. She’s very nice and experiencing her presence helped me personify and trust her. So far the difference between her as a career coach vs a therapist, has been actionable feedback and career monitoring. She goes beyond suggestions and helps keep you accountable by following up with you. Thanks, Akeisha!"

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