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(Safe Space to Talk About Race)


As far as it seems we should have come when expanding on our organization’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) goals, there remains unacknowledged “Stuff in the Space,” especially when it comes to talking about the subject of race

In this workshop, we’ll get our fears and frustrations expressed in community where we look together at what has been in the way of our moving forward in our environments.

Your SafeSTTAR Workshop will be a place where belonging is intentionally created, and where healing occurs.

The SafeSTTAR Workshop is a guided forum to have real and frank conversations, and to be empowered to act with clear intention.

If people within your organizations don’t currently see the value in DEI strategies, you and your organization will benefit from your participation.

If nothing seems to be happening to move the needle forward, get freed up to move it!

The new 8-session weekly workshop cohort starts, Wednesday, January 25 -  March 22, 2023 – Early Bird pricing ends Dec 14th, 2022. Don’t miss out!



People who are in charge of DEI Strategies, ERG groups, etc and are feeling alone and/ or frustrated within their roles.

People who have been challenged in communicating the value of DEI within their organizations and companies.

Individuals who could use a support community of people for implementing effective DEI strategies within their companies and/or organizations.


A new approach to present DEI strategies within your organization/ workplace

Identify clearly the assumptions faced in implementing DEI Strategies

Increased confidence in discussing DEI related topics within professional and other settings

A framework to design results oriented DEI strategies for your organization/ workplace

Diversity teamwork with joined hands


Establishing safety

Acculturation/ Fitting In v Belonging

What are the definitions: diversity, race, and racism

Taking a Stand/ Morality v Responsibility

Reactions and responses to DEI topic conversations

Commitment and Accountability

Designing a DEI Strategy

Workplace diversity and inclusion strategies were primarily introduced within the US during 1960’s after the Equal Pay, Civil Rights, and the Age Discrimination in Employment Acts were passed into law.

The corporate interests in the area expanded by over fifty percent in job postings after the summer of 2020 which some refer to as the Summer of Racial Reckoning. Equity was added to the category which created the acronym: DEI for diversity, equity and inclusion. A major pain point in implementing DEI strategies is that it’s rooted in politics, and people do not feel safe to express their experiences, their hurts, and their pains regarding these political topics within this society.

So used to defending and protecting themselves from being misunderstood, people have become suppressed, then in turn explosive and/ or counterproductive when approaching the conversations which DEI addresses. 

The SafeSTTAR™ Workshop creates the environment where these conversations can effectively be had and be practiced to support creating impactful and forward moving DEI strategies.


“Thank you Akeisha. You are a brave soul for taking on a bunch of white women to talk about race! I found our workshops provocative, empowering, challenging, uncomfortable at times and very eye-opening.”

Workshop Participant

Akeisha Johnson skillfully facilitated a very engaging, highly informative conversation about race for MBA students in my DEI class. Rather than coming in with a pre-planned agenda, she structured the session around the backgrounds and interests of the students.

Francine Gordon, Ph.D., Lecturer at Santa Clara Univ- Leavey School of Business

I heard Akeisha Johnson speak (at an event). It was transformational. One of those talks that you come away from as a slightly different person than you were before. She created the space and safety for ALL thoughts and experiences and provided breakthrough guidance for navigating the complex conversations that are in our collective experience right now. She showed up with groundedness, compassion, insight, openness and understanding.”

Sharon Rich, CEO of thinkbusinessgrowth, inc.



Akeisha Johnson of An Inspired Story Coaching is a dynamic certified Business Leadership Coach, group facilitator, consultant, and public speaker. Well known by peers and clients for creating leaders that other people want to work for.

She is the creator and facilitator of A Safe Space to Talk About Race (SafeSTTAR)™workshop - a forum for participants to practice having conversations around race, racism, diversity and inclusion to create solutions to support implementing diverse and inclusive environments. Akeisha is also a Chief Core Guide, empowering groups of executive women in developing and designing their career mobility and challenges. She is the former Program Director of The Oshun Project - a non-profit program whose work with Haitian farmers provides clean water in rural villages, and the previous host and co-producer of the podcast, Making It Work: Stories of Surviving and Thriving in the SF Bay Area where she interviewed local professionals on approaches to maximizing their lifestyle in a high-cost city.

Akeisha’s strategic design work has resulted in curated staff retreats, the creation of company strategic plans, intentional workplace culture development, and operational protocols and systems being implemented.  Her industry experience spans from legal consultations, construction administration, and product development to non-profits, and corporate/ organizational management. 


As a public speaker, Akeisha shines as a notable panelist and presenter, delivering content which is relevant and having a big impact on audiences.

“My commitment for everyone in this workshop is that all who participate, including myself, receive a sense of freedom, facility and agility when discussing topics which DEI strategies involve.”

Support beyond the weekly meetings

Office Hours

20 min blocks provided by using a scheduling link


Guided Workbook

 Included for registered participants


Assigned during the workshop sessions


New workshop starts, Wednesday, January 25, 2023 at 4:00 p.m. PDT – Early Bird pricing ends Dec. 14th, 2022. Don’t miss out!


Wednesdays from 4:30 - 6:30p PST

The first six sessions of the workshop (1/25, 2/1, 2/8, 2/15, 2/22, 3/1) will review themes as a resource to approaching DEI strategies. By the end of the first six weeks participants will be developed in clearly identifying results-driven outcomes for their DEI strategies.

The final two sessions (3/15, 3/22) are dedicated to designing the outcomes identified within the workshop into tactical steps for the execution of participant’s DEI strategies.


Total Value: $2497

Early Bird Price= $997

*expires 12/14/2022